Who We Are

AW consists of a group of Armenian-American citizens devoted to honoring martyred warriors and empowering disabled warriors co-incident to their service on or after the April 2016 (Artsakh) War. AW is a nonprofit corporation within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. AW’s personnel, both in the United States and Armenia abide by strict legal and moral standards and will ensure that your donation is properly allocated to the AW mission.

Every dollar you donate to AW will be used to help disabled warriors and martyred warriors’ families build their dream. It is time to act today. It is time to act now. Our warriors served with honor and courage. They sacrificed their life and well-being for a brighter Armenia. It is time to do our part. Every cent counts. Every dollar counts. Stand up, let us rise to the occasion and stand strong with our warriors.

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